IBC 2016 Preview

August 2, 2016

… Venera will showcase Quasar cloud based QC and key enhancements to its Pulsar Automated file-based QC system at IBC 2016…

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Pulsar PPU: Larry Jordan’s blog

July 27, 2016

… Industry expert Larry Jordan does a quick analysis of Pulsar Pay-Per-Use and gives his views on the software …

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Pulsar available on AWS

April 06, 2016

… Pulsar Cloud is currently available on AWS and can be used via REST API by the customers while the required infrastructure will be automatically provisioned by Venera…

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NAB 2016 Preview

March 18, 2016

… New additions in Pulsar file-based QC system include Integrated Player, Improved performance, International languages and Additional loudness correction capabilities…

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Pulsar - 6x real-time HD analysis

February 09, 2016

… Pulsar can now process a 1080p HD file up to 6x times faster than real time, meaning a 60-minute file can be analyzed in as quickly as 10 minutes …

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