No more Content QC headaches

Pulsar makes it incredibly simple!

  • Fastest Analysis Speed
  • Wide range of analysis parameters
  • Widely integrated

6x real-time HD Analysis

Fastest QC

Super charge your workflow

Get the “Rapid” Advantage

  • Quick Scanning & Sorting
  • Workflow Gatekeeper
  • Use for workflow optimization

Adaptive Bitrate QC without hassles

  • Integrated Analysis & Reporting
  • Auto template assignment per encoding
  • Work on on-premise & HTTP URL content

PulsarTM is the fastest, most comprehensive and versatile file-based Automated QC system in the market. It automates quality check and control at every stage of the content life-cycle. Along with RapidTM add-on module, Pulsar can be used to perform quick scanning, QC, auto sorting and in-depth verification at any stage of the workflow. What’s more, it’s incredibly simple to use!

With support for all Broadcast/OTT formats along with wide range of checks, Pulsar is ready to be used in wide range of workflows including Broadcast, Production, Post Production, Media Services, Archiving and Over-the-Top.

Fast & Scalable

Processes your HD files at 6x faster than real-time and SD files about 12x or faster than real-time. You can set-up a Pulsar farm for high content volumes. Designed on a scalable architecture, Pulsar can be expanded to any file-based workflow size.

Wide range of Checks

You can perform technically complicated checks such as Field Dominance, Cadence Digital Hits or Active Aspect Ratio with Pulsar. You can also make sure your media is in compliance with regulations and standards such as the EBU R128, CALM act or OP-59 recommendations. List of checks →

Flexible Analysis

Pulsar, in combination with its Rapid add-on, gives you unprecedented flexibility in workflow design. You can perform quick scanning, sorting, fast analysis or in-depth QC at workflow stages of your choice. Read more →

Workflow Integration

Pulsar is based on SOA architecture and has integrations with multiple leading suppliers in the industry. You can also integrate Pulsar with your workflow management system. Check out our technology partners or write to us for more details.

Customer Stories

Many large and small organizations worldwide customers are already enjoying the Pulsar advantage, validating large volumes of content 24×7 as part of their production workflows.

Read more →


Designed for operators, Pulsar has an intuitive interface and simple configurable reports. With logical grouping of errors along with user-defined configurations, Pulsar ensures that you are not bogged down with a large number of unnecessary errors.

Adaptive Bitrate QC

With built-in support for adaptive bitrate formats such as MPEG-DASH, Apple HLS and Microsoft Smooth Streaming, you can deploy Pulsar in Video-ON-Demand (VOD) environments. Read more →

High Availability

Pulsar supports failover redundancy for automatic take-over in case of hardware failure ensuring 24×7 operations. Advanced facility for organizations who don’t allow any single point of failure in their workflow.

Wide range of checks

Pulsar supports a wide range of checks. Small selection of checks are displayed here. Click here for the detailed list.
Active Region

Active Region

Audio Peaks

Field Domonance

Audio Clipping

Audio Clipping



Color Bars

Color Bars

Audio Loudness (Audio Waveform)

Audio Loudness

Language ID

Language ID

Flash Frames

Flash Frames

Audio Peaks

Audio Peaks



For complete list of checks, download Pulsar brochure

Pulsar Rapid

Do you receive large volumes of content on regular basis?

Do you rely on manual processing for scanning and sorting the content into your workflow?

RapidTM add-on module saves you numerous hours by automating the content scanning and sorting process. You can use Rapid in combination with Pulsar in-depth verification at various stages of your process to design an efficient, QC workflow. Rapid can be used seamlessly from the Pulsar interface thereby allowing seamless administration for your operators. It can also be used through Pulsar web-services API.
Read more →

Workflow Gatekeeper

A variety of parameters such as incorrect media parameters, invalid file names or incorrect file extension can render incoming content unsuitable for your workflow. Rapid can act as a workflow gatekeeper helping you spot these issues quickly and automatically before content gets inside your workflow.

Fast Scanning

Rapid works at blazing speeds and taking only a few minutes to process a typical media file boosting the efficiency of the entire workflow. There is no longer a need to scan hundreds and thousands of files manually. This helps you use your resources more efficiently. Moreover, the files with issues can be automatically quarantined along with reports helping you interact with your suppliers efficiently.

Auto Sorting

With its innovative and easy to use rule-based structure, you can define video/audio/container rules and accordingly sort the files into appropriate folders for subsequent processing. This feature and its intuitive user interface, is unique in the industry and provides you with unmatched ability and control in managing your incoming content efficiently and effectively.

Click here to read what you can achieve with Rapid.


Venera showcases its Cloud Based QC at APEX EXPO 2018

Venera is pleased to announce that they will be at APEX EXPO 2018, participating in a panel discussion about a QC-integrated cloud-based content delivery workflow system for the Airline industry, as well as exhibiting Quasar, our leading cloud-based QC software. APEX EXPO is an annual trade show sponsored by Airline Passenger Experience, held this year from September 24th through 27th in Boston, USA!

First, Venera will be participating in a highly anticipated panel discussion along with colleagues and partners from castLabs, Lufthansa Systems, and Amazon Web Services to talk about cloud-based content delivery for the IFE (In Flight Entertainment) systems. IFE has largely remained in a 45-60 day terrestrial-based content delivery supply chain. In this session they will discuss how an automated cloud-based supply chain, including an integrated QC solution, can streamline content delivery by putting content onboard quicker and less expensively. This session will be held at 2:30 PM on Monday 9/24, as part of Track B2 of the Educational Sessions. Learn more.

Second, Venera will be exhibiting Quasar, the first native cloud-based QC service that can help automate and streamline the important and resource intensive task of QC of content bound for the aircrafts. Quasar contains advanced analysis capabilities and is pre-loaded with QC templates built specifically based on APEX Technology group’s recommended media specifications. It helps IFE content management systems reduce their cost and time in validating the content that is regularly loaded on the aircrafts. Furthermore, working with castLabs, we’ll show a proof of concept cloud-based workflow system for IFE content, integrated with Quasar, which is aimed at improving the efficiencies of IFE content management and delivery. Please visit us at Booth #762 from Tuesday September 25th through Thursday September 27th.

Pulsar Editions

Terms Professional Standard Pay-Per-Use
No of simultaneous files 4 1 1
Audio formats All All **
Audio checks All All All
DD/DD+ * * * N
Dolby-E * * * N
Nielsen watermark * * * N
PCM/MPEG Loudness correction * * * *
Video Formats All All **
Video Checks All All All
VC-1 Supported Supported N
Adaptive Bitrate Formats Supported Supported N
Harding PSE * * * N
Container Checks Supported Supported Supported
Container Formats All All All
Media Player * * * *
Controller Plus * * N N
Watch Folders Supported Supported N
Web Service API Supported Supported N
Maximum cores 32 8 4
Verification Unit cluster Supported N N
Rapid * * N N
Pulsar Professional
  • Perpetual license
  • Ability to process four files at a time
  • Can use up to 32 Cores
  • Fastest Edition of Pulsar
  • Ideal for high volume operations
Pulsar Standard
  • Perpetual license
  • Ability to process one file at a time
  • Can use up to 8 cores
  • Ideal for normal operations
Pulsar PPU
  • Usage-based pricing
  • No permanent license
  • Only solution of its kind in the market
  • Ability to process one file at a time
  • Capable of Harding PSE
  • Ideal for low volume occasional use

Video Resources

Pulsar file-based QC overview

Pulsar/Quasar at SMPTE 2016

Pulsar Pay-Per-Use overview

Pulsar at IBC 2014

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