Venera Technologies NAB 2017 Exhibitor Preview

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Venera Technologies will showcase its brand new Native Cloud QC system, Quasar, and major enhancements to its Pulsar Automated file based QC solution at booth# SU7518

BURBANK, California – March 21, 2017

Please visit Venera Technologies at Booth #SU7518 at NAB 2017, where Venera will showcase its brand new Native Cloud QC system, Quasar, and major enhancements to its existing portfolio of automated file based QC solutions.

Quasar is a Native Cloud QC system that can seamlessly work with OTT workflows for all major cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure and Oracle. It is available as a service with Pay-Per-Use plans.

Pulsar is an on-premise file based Automated QC that is one of the fastest (6x real-time HD analysis) and easiest to use systems in the market, used by leading media organizations worldwide.

Venera will also introduce a new technology called Pulsar Score that allows users to measure the content quality in a fast, automatic and reliable manner. Pulsar Score will be available as part of the Pulsar suite of applications.

New at NAB 2017

Quasar – QC in Cloud

Launched at IBC last year, Quasar is a native Cloud QC system that can be used as a service without investing into the infrastructure. This is ideal for workflows that are already in Cloud where manual QC is extremely difficult. The following key capabilities will be showcased:

  1. Pay-Per-Use. Available as a SaaS or as a Private edition for usage within walled Cloud environments.
  2. Dynamic Scaling. Dynamic system that can automatically scale to the content volume thereby minimizing the analysis time. A large number of files can be processed in parallel, making full use of Cloud capabilities.
  3. Cloud coverage. Works on all major Cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure and Oracle. This offers a seamless experience to the users who may be using multiple Cloud platforms internally.
  4. Region intelligence. Smart system that automatically creates processing resources close to your content. This drastically reduces the latency involved with static solutions.
  5. REST API. Easy to integrate with your Cloud workflow systems using REST API.
  6. Wide range of formats. Supports all the major exchange, Adaptive bitrate and VOD formats out of the box.
  7. Factory templates. Equipped with factory templates for major applications such as Netflix, iTunes, DPP, CableLabs etc.


Pulsar – File based Automated QC

At NAB 2017, Venera will highlight the following major enhancements to its flagship QC solution Pulsar:

1. IMF/DCP enhancements. Most comprehensive support for IMF and DCP package verification. A wide range of checks are provided to cross-check the meta-data. Pulsar is the only QC system that can analyze the encrypted DCP packages.
2. 2020 Color Space. Support for 2020 Color Space will allow the validation of the luma/chroma & gamut checks for UHD content.
3. PSE enhancements. Pulsar now supports Harding analysis on 4K content. Users can also choose to create a separate Harding certificate as needed.
4. Easier review. Pulsar now allows users to edit the verification report and remove the issues from reports that are approved. They can also add user comments.
5. Media Player. An integrated media player is available with which users can review the alerts directly from within the report. They can also access the timeline view of all the alerts in the Media Player thereby accelerating the review process. The player also has the SDI playout capability with which users can review the problematic areas with their favorite devices.
6. Baseband checks. Users can now detect the “Camera Dead Pixels” and “Short scenes” issues.
7. Factory templates. Existing factory templates have been enhanced to incorporate the latest recommendations. New templates for AS-10 and NABA have also been added to the package.
8. Loudness correction. Pulsar now supports loudness correction for MPEG-1 layer 2 and PCM audio formats in a wide range of formats such as MXF, GXF, QuickTime, MPEG Transport stream, and MPEG Program stream.

Pulsar continues to be the favourite QC system when it comes to user experience. Even with all the added features, we continue to keep the tool easy to use so that users can take advantage of all the advanced capabilities in the system with ease.


Pulsar Pay-Per-Use (PPU)

 is Venera’s unique offering for boutique media companies, production and post houses who have limited content but still desire a high quality on premise QC solution. It has been successfully embraced by the industry and many smaller companies are already using the platform to fulfil their QC needs while staying within their budget. With its unique ‘Pay Per Use’ on premise model, Pulsar PPU has transformed the industry, allowing access to the best of breed QC at an affordable usage-based price.


Pulsar Score

Venera will announce its brand new technology called Pulsar Score. Using Pulsar Score, users can automatically measure the quality of transcoded content against the source in a reliable manner. This can significantly reduce the manual intervention needed to ascertain the transcoding quality.

Users typically struggle with detection of quality degradation introduced due to transcoding and compression, resorting to full manual QC to ascertain this. Either they have to invest significantly in the manpower that does this QC or they completely skip this step leading to potential problems experienced by the consumers. Pulsar Score would be ideal for ABR content, used by OTT services, where the original content is compressed to multiple lower rate files to facilitate the OTT environment. Pulsar Score eases this problem and gives the users a way to verify the quality before it is published.

About Venera Technologies

Venera provides cutting-edge solutions to the digital media industry. Since its inception in 2003, the company has continually delivered innovative video analysis products tailored to the evolving requirements of its customers and the industry. Venera’s flagship offering, the Pulsar™ automated file-based QC solution, along with its Rapid add-on module, improves the operational efficiency of file-based workflows by automating content QC processes. Ensuring consistent content quality throughout the workflow, Pulsar is the QC tool preferred by some of the largest media companies worldwide.

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