Venera Technologies Gets Financing from Allison Wood Ventures

Burbank, USA – March 23, 2022

Venera Technologies, a leading video test and measurement solutions company, has recently received funding from Allison Wood Ventures which will enable the company to continue expanding the solutions provided to some of the world’s most innovative leaders in the visual entertainment industry.

Venera offers a range of quality control solutions for audio, video and caption files, including checks on image color, cadence, language, audio volume, captions and subtitles. World’s leading media companies like Disney, NBC Universal, HBO, AMC Networks, Cinedigm, NEC and Extreme Reach trust Venera to ensure the highest possible quality of content for both traditional broadcasting and web streaming services.

“There’s no doubt that the leadership team at Venera Technologies is just getting started,” Allison Wood, founder and CEO of Allison Wood Ventures, said.

“The need for a trustworthy, reliable, and top-of-line service provided by Venera to its partners grows as the already vast world of video content expands. With Vikas, Fereidoon, Rajarshi and their team at the helm, the sky’s the limit for Venera Technologies.”

Since its inception, Venera has been leading the industry in terms of fast, accurate and innovative media test & measurement solutions. Five years ago, the already groundbreaking company took its trusted service to the cloud, and today its innovative native cloud-based quality control solution, Quasar®, is the only solution of its kind to be verified by Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN) and receive the AWS ‘Qualified Software’ honor.

“We take pride in this major accomplishment as it further proves our commitment to excellence and building a native cloud QC solution that our users can use confidently as they explore migration of their workflows to the cloud,” Vikas Singhal, CEO of Venera Technologies, said.

Venera was established with the goal of automating the otherwise manual process of ensuring quality of media content. With the accelerated adoption of cloud-based workflows, automation has become extremely important for media companies as costs continue to rise and time becomes more valuable. Venera’s proprietary cloud services, Quasar® & CapMate™ can quickly and cost efficiently analyze and verify audio/video in media files, correct subtitles and captions, and find problem files before submission to web services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

“Venera’s commitment to excellence and efficiency has earned the trust of over 150 top-notch media companies and we are extremely excited to see how its leadership team continues to evolve and keep pace in the coming years,” Allison Wood said.

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