Venera unveils new automated QC capabilities at NAB 2012, making content QC faster, more flexible and cost effective

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Venera unveils enhanced Rapid add-on for quick QC & sorting allowing users to design flexible Automated QC workflows. Support for HLS/Smooth Streaming content analysis along with iTunes compliance & correction will also be demonstrated in Pulsar Automated Content Verifier

Burbank, USA – March 19, 2012

Venera Technologies, a leading provider of video test & measurement solutions, will demonstrate the latest enhancements to its suite of file-based QC solutions, “Pulsar – Automated Content Verifier” and “VM Analyzer – H264 and MPEG-4 bitstream Analyzer” at NAB 2012 (April 16-19), Booth# N3436.

Pulsar – Automated Content Verifier

Pulsar is one of the fastest, most flexible, user friendly and comprehensive file-based automated content verification solutions in the market. With its extensive feature set, proven performance and reliability, Pulsar is now an integral part of many important broadcast operations worldwide.

The following new capabilities in Pulsar will be on display at NAB 2012. These new major capabilities, along with a series of other enhancements, allow users to perform faster automated QC in a more flexible and affordable manner.

1. Rapid: Rapid add-on module was first introduced at IBC 2011. Since then, Rapid has been further enhanced by working with key customers. Today, Rapid allows users to design their QC workflows in ways that result in higher operational efficiencies not possible earlier. Rapid can be used as a workflow gatekeeper by instantly screening the incoming content for faults and automatically sorting the content based on user-defined rules. Using Rapid removes a significant amount of manual intervention and takes ‘automation’ to the next level. With the addition of Rapid, Pulsar is the world’s first Automated QC solution that can perform rapid checking, sorting and in-depth content verification, all in one integrated solution. Read more

2. Streaming Formats: Pulsar will showcase support for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and Microsoft Smooth Streaming formats. Until now, there hasn’t been a meaningful way to perform automated analysis of content in these formats. With built-in support for HLS and Smooth Streaming formats, users can now perform integrated and easy-to-use analysis on content in these formats.

3. iTunes Verification & Correction: Pulsar will showcase the capability to check the content against iTunes specifications and also correct the content in an automated manner. This allows the content creators to efficiently ensure that their content is suitable for submission to iTunes. Automated correction eliminates the need for manual modifications of the files, which is time-consuming and error prone.

In addition to the above features, Pulsar will also feature a brand new sleek user-interface, making it even easier to use and configure the product.

VM Analyzer – H264 and MPEG-4 bitstream Analyzer

Venera acquired Mindego Analyzer from Mindego Inc in April 2011. Mindego Analyzer has been a leading in-depth, comprehensive bitstream Analyzer for codec developers and integrators allowing very detailed interactive analysis of media files. Since its acquisition, VM Analyzer (VMA) has been enhanced by working closely with customers. Venera will showcase the latest version of VMA with the following enhancements at NAB:

1. Upgraded H.264 implementation: H.264 analysis engine has been significantly upgraded. Customers can now experience more comprehensive analysis to test their implementations.
2. Support for streaming formats: VMA will demonstrate the support for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and Microsoft Smooth Streaming formats. This allows transcoder companies to verify their implementations as well as streaming service providers to gain better insight into their workflows.

In addition to the above, VMA will feature a new sleek and easy-to-use interface at NAB.

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