Venera Unveils Ground-breaking QC Capabilities at IBC 2012

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Venera sets new trends in automated QC with introduction of lightening fast performance, Rapid, Auto language identification and Adaptive Streaming QC

New Delhi, India – August 29, 2012

Venera introduces significant enhancements to its “Pulsar – Automated Content Verifier” product and sets a new benchmark in performance and innovation for Automated QC at IBC 2012. Pulsar is the fastest, most flexible, user friendly and comprehensive file-based automated content verification solution. With its extensive feature set, proven performance and reliability, Pulsar is now an integral part of many important broadcast operations worldwide. The following new Pulsar capabilities will be on display at IBC 2012.

    • Super fast performance. Pulsar has always been the top performing solution. With its latest performance enhancements, Pulsar now sets new records in analysis speed. Pulsar can now process an HD file at unmatched speed of 4x real-time. A typical HD movie can now be processed in less than half an hour and four such movies can be handled simultaneously with single Pulsar license.
    • Rapid. Rapid is an innovative rule-based Quick QC & Sorting solution and is now part of the workflow at many important facilities worldwide. Rapid can not only process the content at a very fast rate but can also provide a significant boost to the overall Ingest workflow. Organizations can now achieve unmatched workflow efficiency by using Rapid at right places in their workflow
    • Auto Audio Language Verification. First in the QC industry, Pulsar now independently identifies the audio language using audio essence. This significantly reduces the cost and headache involved with finding multi-lingual staff that can perform this important task. Pulsar can now be used to automatically ensure the presence of the right language in the right audio track
    • Adaptive Streaming QC. Pulsar will showcase support for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and Microsoft Smooth Streaming formats. Until now, there hasn’t been an easy and intuitive way to perform automated analysis of content in these formats. With built-in support in Pulsar for these adaptive streaming formats, users can now perform integrated and easy-to-use analysis on this type of content. Pulsar is one of the first products to tackle the complexity of handling adaptive streaming content. Read streaming media review on Pulsar here
    • iTunes Verification & Correction. Pulsar will showcase the capability to automatically check and correct the iTunes content. This allows the content creators to ensure that their content is suitable for submission to iTunes. Automated correction eliminates slow and error prone process of manual modifications to the files

In addition to above enhancements, Pulsar will also feature a brand new user interface, making it more intuitive and easier to use.

VM Analyzer – H264 and MPEG-4 bitstream Analyzer

VM Analyzer has been continuously enhanced by working closely with customers. At IBC, Venera will showcase the support for adaptive streaming formats such as HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and Microsoft Smooth Streaming. Content processing facilities can also use VMA to perform easy, interactive analysis on their streaming assets.

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