Q-FOUNDRY and Venera Technologies Announce the Integration of Q-FOUNDRY’s Q-mediaFOUNDRY with Venera’s Pulsar file-based Automated QC

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Pulsar Automated QC capabilities now available from within the Q-Foundry’s Q-mediaFoundry workflow automation system

Los Angeles, California and Burbank, California – April 03, 2014

Q-FOUNDRY and Venera Technologies today announced integration between the Q-mediaFOUNDRYTM Automation Software Suite and PulsarTM Automated Content Verifier.

Available immediately, the new integration support enables Q-mediaFOUNDRY users to seamlessly incorporate Pulsar’s file-based content verifier system that automates and simplifies QC, including adaptive bitrate content produced for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and Smooth Streaming. Pulsar’s complete set of options are fully integrated into the QmF visual workflow designer and dashboards, providing users with a simple control mechanism and excellent visibility into QC issues.

“We are very pleased to expand Q-FOUNDRY’S array of supported industry-leading QC tools with the new Pulsar support, giving our media customers access to one of the fastest and most cost effective file-based QC systems on the market” said James Heliker, Director of Software at Q-FOUNDRY. “Automating quality check and control at every stage of the content life-cycle is essential for maximizing workflow pipelines while minimizing human intervention.”

“We are very excited to have Pulsar integrated with Q-FOUNDRY’s Q-MediaFOUNDRY”, said Fereidoon Khosravi, Senior Vice President, Americas Business Development at Venera Technologies. “This is great news for customers of Venera Technologies and Q-FOUNDRY. This seamless integrated solution provides customers with access to state of the art QmF file-based workflow system with advanced QC features of Pulsar automated content verifier system”.


Q-FOUNDRY provides next generation software for digital media professionals the world over, enabling complex workflows to be managed with ease. The globally scalable and infinitely extensible Software-Defined System architecture helps digital content reach its intended destination faster, and with increased reliability & visibility. Founded in 2013, Q-FOUNDRY is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.

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About Venera Technologies

Venera Technologies is a video solutions company widely known for its innovative products and solutions worldwide. Since its inception in 2003, the company has been delivering quality, innovative solutions and creating long-lasting relationship with its customers. Venera’s flagship offering, Pulsar, improves the operational efficiency for its customers by automating their content QC processes. Many of the largest media companies worldwide are users of Venera’s solutions and technologies.

For more information visit www.veneratech.com