Venera Technologies Will Unveil at IBC2014 Pulsar Pay-Per-Use, an Innovative New Approach in Providing File-Based QC

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Venera’s Pulsar Pay-Per-Use Brings the Award-Winning File-Based QC Solution to Organizations of All Sizes

NOIDA, India, and BURBANK, California – August 07, 2014

Venera today announced that Pulsar Pay-Per-Use (PPU), a new addition to its popular and efficient PulsarTM automated file-based QC system, will be unveiled at IBC 2014. Pulsar is a file-based automated QC system designed to automate content QC seamlessly at various stages in the content workflow, such as ingest, archive, and playout.

Venera provides QC tools for content creators, postproduction houses, broadcasters, and OTT operators of various sizes. Its new Pulsar Pay-Per-Use offers users who don’t want to make an upfront investment the option to convert their investments to operational expenditures and adopt QC immediately. This capability does not compromise content security or require additional infrastructure. Users can continue to use Pulsar within their facility with the added benefit of pay per use.

Boasting the flexibility of a cloud solution and the security of a dedicated on-site system, Pulsar PPU makes the advanced QC functions of the acclaimed Pulsar automated file-based QC solution available to facilities when those capabilities are needed. “This is increasingly important as a growing number of broadcasters and content delivery companies demand that content suppliers QC all of their content prior to delivery. Initiatives including the DPP (Digital Production Partnership) in the United Kingdom are real examples of this trend, as they not only define delivery specifications, but also set a deadline by which suppliers must be compliant with those technical specifications,” said Deepak Sharma, CEO of Venera Technologies.

Pulsar PPU provides fast, comprehensive, and versatile QC, empowering users to perform quality checks at every stage of the content life cycle. Users can perform technically complicated checks for issues such as digital hits, blockiness, or field-dominance, as well as analyze media to make sure it is compliant with regulations and standards such as the DPP, Netflix, EBU R128, or the CALM Act. Pulsar also provides a wide range of technical parameter checks at the container (MXF, transport streams, and QuickTime) and audio/video level that are essential to checking compliance against the specifications outlined by the DPP, Netflix, iTunes, and other digital media organizations and outlets.

“Venera is the only QC provider in the market with a solution that allows users to reap the benefits of both the cloud and on-premise systems without requiring a move to the cloud. The Pulsar PPU system is installed locally in the user’s facility, and all analysis is performed locally. By maintaining content on-site, the user also can depend on existing security measures to protect the content. And, because content never moves outside the facility, users do not need to install additional network infrastructure,” said Fereidoon Khosravi, senior vice president of business development – Americas, at Venera.

About Venera Technologies

Venera provides cutting-edge solutions to the digital media industry. Since its inception in 2003, the company has continually delivered innovative video analysis products tailored to the evolving requirements of its customers and the industry. Venera’s flagship offering, the Pulsar automated file-based QC solution, along with its Rapid add-on module, improves the operational efficiency of file-based workflows by automating content QC processes. Ensuring consistent content quality throughout the workflow, Pulsar is the QC tool preferred by some of the largest media companies worldwide.

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