Captions management made easy

  • Efficient QC & Correction
  • Helps deliver better quality captions
  • Hosted SaaS service
  • Usage based pricing
  • Highly scalable


  • Fast turnaround
  • Reduced manpower cost
  • Easy & Comprehensive review/correction

Better quality assurance

  • Reduced chances of missing issues
  • Accurate feedback

Hosted service

  • No hassle of software and infrastructure management
  • Remote working made easy

Usage based pricing

  • Align investment with your business
  • Monthly/Annual subscription plans
  • Adhoc usage plans for sporadic usage

Highly scalable

  • Fast processing of large content volumes
  • Process hundreds of titles in parallel


Delivering good quality captions or subtitles can be very costly due to significant manual intervention required in identifying and rectifying a variety of issues with traditional captioning software. This becomes more difficult especially when different customers have different technical and quality requirements. Operators end up spending numerous hours and sometimes days dealing with this. If the Caption or Subtitle QC is neglected and not done properly, then this can pose serious brand risk in the current environment where viewers expect highest quality of experience.
CapMate – Captions QC & Correction platform changes all that. It automatically identifies issues and allows users to perform auto correction and export the rectified captions right from within the platform. This saves significant time & cost for the organizations, and allow them to deploy their resources in more value-added tasks.

Features & Benefits

Ensure that your captions or subtitles are compliant with corresponding specifications such as SCC, IMSC, TTML etc. CapMate is equipped with rich QC features that allows you to validate captions/subtitles for major content delivery platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Viacom-CBS, HBO and many others.

Captioning Service Providers. Deliver your content with confidence and keep your ratings at your top levels with your customers by using CapMate before delivering. You can deliver captions with associated QC reports.

Content Delivery companies. Quickly check the correctness and compliance of incoming captions/subtitles before publishing them on your platform. Caption/Subtitle QC reports from CapMate can be shared with suppliers for quick rectification.

Synchronization between audio and captions is a common issue that may be introduced due to host of reasons. These issues can take many hours or even days to identify and resolve, making it a time and cost prohibitive operation.
CapMate helps you identify the sync issues very quickly with options for:

  1. Auto correction: Auto-correct all the issues found with CapMate after which your team members can perform a quick review to finalize the captions. The review can be done in minutes as against hours and days required with complete manual processing.
  2. Manual correction: Rich manual correction and adjustment abilities are also provided, allowing very fine control for certain captions and subtitles. This combined with automatic correction will ensure a fool-proof experience.

Texted versions of the content will have burnt-in text embedded at various locations throughout the content. Captions/Subtitles may sometimes be displayed on top of the burnt-in text, making the burnt-in text unreadable for the viewer. This will result in a poor viewing experience, leading to frustrated customers. Advertisement content may contain product descriptions throughout the content. If Captions are displayed on top of this description, it severely reduces the value of advertisement spot for the advertiser. They would like to ensure that all the important information is clearly visible to the viewers.

Identifying these locations manually is a very time consuming and an error prone process. Both the captioning companies and content providers run the risk of publishing a faulty content in case such locations are missed.

CapMate automatically identifies all the overlap locations and presents them to the user for review and correction. Users can then take corrective measures within CapMate itself, saving them numerous hours and business goodwill.

There are a number of captioning aspects which if not done well can adversely affect the viewer experience. Some of them include:

  • Duration. Minimum and Maximum duration for which the caption/subtitle will be displayed.
  • Characters per line. Maximum number of characters to be displayed per line. Too many characters can make it difficult for users to comprehend.
  • Words per minute. Maximum number of words to be displayed per minute. Using too many words will make it difficult for users to comprehend.
  • Successive captions overlap. There must be a gap between two successive captions for good user experience.

All the above (and more) can be validated and rectified with CapMate Cloud Caption QC Software in time & cost efficient manner.

Easily spot the abusive/curse words in the Captions/Subtitles and replace them with characters of your choice. You can start with the default set of curse words and then add custom words as needed. Once done, you can export the corrected captions files with all the curse words masked with the characters of your choice.

If a portion of the movie or a TV show is missing its captions, it negatively impacts the user experience. However, detecting such missing captions/subtitle segments has long been a manual, error prone, and time consuming effort for the operators. CapMate’s automatic detection of missing captions now automates and simplifies this otherwise resource intensive operation, saving hours of manual work. Operators can also insert missing captions in CapMate and export the rectified caption/subtitle file.

CapMate comes equipped with a rich browser-based review and correction system that allows users to:

  1. Navigate and preview the Caption QC results with associated audio/video
  2. Make manual corrections for timing, captioning text, and associated styling
  3. Export the corrected captions/subtitles in their publishing format

This tool is complimentary with all CapMate plans.

Our Customers

Formats & Verification Checks

  • Export: All the above formats supported. Export in same format as the input.
  • Text: No of lines, Line length, Caption position, Profane words, Spell check, Missing translation
  • Timing: CPS, CPL, WPM, Min/Max Duration, Frame gap
  • Text/Video: Caption overlap on burnt-in text
  • Text/Audio: Caption/Audio synchronization, Missing Captions, Supported Languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese
  • Compliance: SCC, IMSC, TTML, DXFP, SMPTE-TT, WebVTT and EbuSTL
  • HDR Parameters: HDR Formats, Reporting of HDR10, HDR10+, and Dolby Vision metadata
  • Spotting: Video segments containing Burnt-in text
  • Captions text editing
  • Captions timing: sync, CPS, duration, caption gaps
  • Caption position
  • Text find & replace
  • Automatic sync correction
  • Conversion from Upper case to mixed case
  • Proxy creation
  • Proxy download and assignment for review
  • Reporting and navigation of all frames with burnt-in text
  • Filter based error navigation to allow working on specific type of errors

Workflow Integration

CapMate can be easily integrated in your existing automated workflow using its REST API. You can write to us for more details.

Other Quality Control Solutions

We additionally offer the following QC solutions for Audio, Video, Captions & Subtitles for Cloud & On-premise applications:


Quasar® is a Native Cloud QC service suitable for content workflows running in Cloud. Quasar® offers immense auto-scaling capabilities with advanced content security mechanisms. It is offered in monthly, annual as well as industry-first Adhoc plans


Pulsar™ is the fastest, most comprehensive and versatile on-premise file-based Automated QC system. It supports wide range of QC checks with support for HDR, Harding PSE, IMF, Image sequences and Adaptive bitrate formats.

Pulsar PPU

Pulsar PPU is a usage based on-premise File QC system and provides the same QC capabilities as Pulsar. Users can pay on adhoc basis purely according to the content volume processed or they can sign-up for a monthly subscription.


QCaaS is a content QC service wherein Venera performs the QC for the content sent by customers. This is especially suitable for content providers who need to QC their content but do not want to deal with the installation & mgmt. of QC system.

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