Goldcrest Post NY

Pulsar QC is a great addition to my services. It also did find a hard to find dead pixels.


Pulsar is an important addition to our infrastructure and will help us obtain higher operational efficiencies from our content workflows. We looked at major QC players in the market and selected Pulsar because of its high performance and accuracy of results. As Public Broadcaster, we verify new material coming daily from production and will use Pulsar for that but even more important role of Pulsar would be to keep an eye on large volumes of old archive material being mass-digitized from analogue tapes with its QC reports


In Pulsar we have found the combination of simplicity, performance and features that we have been looking for in a media file QC software

AMC Networks

Given our positive experience with our initial Pulsar installation in improving the quality of the content in our file-based workflow, as well as Venera’s ongoing support and responsiveness to our requests since our first Pulsar installation in 2013, we chose to expand our QC operations with additional Pulsar systems, which we have found provide us the best value and ROI.