The entire world is going through unprecedented times. The COVID-19 outbreak has taken everyone by surprise with the businesses and livelihood of so many people affected worldwide. There are a lot of challenges occurring in all aspects of our lives, but these times are also a testimony to the resilience of humanity.

Until a few months ago, it was completely unthinkable that our entire workforce will work from home. We used to think that only a limited amount of work can be done from home and coming to the office was kind of necessary. Work efficiency, team coordination, and communication were all apparent and major challenges for us with the work from home model. It is just amazing to see how we and the vast majority of organizations worldwide have completely moved to work from home within a span of a few weeks, while still remaining efficient.

COVID-19 crisis has interrupted the life for all of us and has made us re-think our priorities and the best way of working in a post COVID-19 era. It is very much possible and probable, that life after this pandemic will never be the same. Good or bad, time will only tell.

Most of our customers have relied heavily on on-premise software & equipment usage so far, with setting up of centralized content workflows that remain under tight controls and regulations. However, that mode of working has suddenly become infeasible and impractical. These same customers are now forced to equip themselves for working and managing operations remotely.

A few years back, during the time that Pulsar on-premise file QC solution was our flagship offering, we started investing time and resources in additional offerings such as Pulsar Pay-Per-Use (PPU) – on-premise usage-based QC service, and Quasar – Native Cloud File QC service. Pulsar PPU has been very attractive for small organizations which don’t have budgets for upfront QC license purchase and have been rather more comfortable in paying on a usage basis. Quasar is primarily designed for organizations whose workflows are already in Cloud. In the current circumstances, Pulsar PPU and Quasar, present a compelling alternative to all media organizations for Remote QC, in pursuit of ensuring their business continuity.

And with our latest QC offering, “QC as a Service” (QCaaS), we are taking it even one step further. For those who want to have their content be verified with a state of the art QC solution, but simply don’t have the computing or human resources to perform the QC, we are now offering them the convenience of simply uploading their content to the cloud and letting us do the QCing for them, returning them with the QC report, and peace of mind that their content meets the QC requirements of their intended platform or end customer. For those who want to keep their focus on their business of content creation or delivery and not the operational challenges of doing the QC, we gladly handle that process for them.

Remote File QC

We have geared up our offerings to help our customers ensure their QC needs are met, irrespective of their location. Here is the summary of our Remote File QC offerings.

Quasar – Native Cloud File QC Service

Quasar is the world’s first Native Cloud Automated File QC Service. It is designed especially to exploit the Cloud infrastructure benefits while still making use of the rich QC capabilities of our on-premise File QC system – Pulsar. Advanced capabilities such as dynamic scaling, regional resourcing, and content security features with REST API, make Quasar an ideal system to QC your content in Cloud. Quasar is available as a SaaS service or a Private edition that you can deploy in your own VPC (Virtual Private Cloud). Quasar works natively on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Read more at

Pulsar PPU (Pay-Per-Use)

Pulsar PPU is the only usage-based on-premise file QC solution in the market. It has all the analysis capabilities of our enterprise QC solution – Pulsar, while allowing users to pay based on the content duration. In addition to QC, it also allows users to perform Harding PSE validation and get a Harding certificate. Users simply load the credits using their credit cards, which are debited as users perform QC tasks. Read more at

QCaaS (QC as a Service)

QCaaS is the QC service offered around our QC solutions. Users simply upload the content to us and we return a QC report to them. QCaaSpricing is usage-based as well where the user pays based on the content duration. No software installation is required for QCaaS on the user side. Read more at

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